English introduction

Professional Career

June 2019, I joined Standigm Inc. as a senior scientist. In this well-known young startup in AI-driven drug discovery area, I’m really enjoying the cooperative atmosphere, lots of dynamic and promising projects, the relationship with enthusiastic colleagues, and the nice modern office.

November 2015, I joined CJ Healthcare as a principal scientist. As a cheminformatician and molecular modeler, I’m working to deliver these technologies (virtual screening, ADME/Tox prediction, chemical database, and cheminformatics) into the current process of drug discovery projects as smoothly as possible.

From 2011 to 2015, I had worked for EQUISnZAROO Co. Ltd., which has several innovative technologies for drug discovery; biobetter development based on LinkTrans technology, and molecular modeling software package, PharosDreams.

Before joining EQUISnZAROO, I had worked for PlasmaDT Ltd. for 1 year as general manager.

From 2009 to 2011, I had been in Singapore as a research staff of NUS (National University of Singapore). Several different things I did there include live cell image analysis, macroarray data analysis, QSAR, and development of internal research data management system.

After recieving my Ph. D. degree (organic chemistry) from Yonsei Univerisity in 2004, I joined BMDRC (Bioinformatics and Molecular Design Research Center) and spent 5 years on several drug discovery projects (mainly hit identification using molecular modeling technologies) including avian flu, TSE, neuropathic pain, tuberculosis bacterium, and various cancers.

General Interests

I’m interested in several scientific fields; environmental chemistry, QSAR, data mining, structure-based drug design, and cheminformatics. I personally enjoy writing software code in Ruby language, though python is overwhelming in this field.

As a protestant Christian, I hope I sincerely follow the way of Jesus Christ. I was a member of a male double quartet in my hign school and had been a conductor of a small church choir for almost 20 years. I enjoy reading books, listening music (classical musics, operas, and ccm songs), and playing with my 3 sons.